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Stellar Lumens/XLM – New CryptoCurrency

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stellar lumens
stellar lumens

Stellar Lumens is a type of a protocol which is decentralized that provides any users to quickly transfer money to wherever you are and whenever you want to transfer the money. It is built to cost you less, and to lessen your payments.

Stellar Lumens currency balance were presented and shown as credits that come from the gateway. Let’s say for example, that if a single user plans to deposit that costs 100 Euros through a gateway, it will result in issuing a credit of XLM. That would be equal to 100 euro. The only way for the credit of the issuance to be successful, is if the user will trust the gateway for its 100 Euros and more.

Stellar lumens has developed its new brand identity. The Stellar announced their new logo to work as a currency. The company’s aim is being a versatile that will be able to work for symbol currency while the story about the ninth largest cryptocurrency is being told.

stellar lumens price

From the official announcement of the Stellar, they have revealed what the reason is behind why they took this move of developing a new Stellar Lumens currency.

The current cartoon that designed a rocket ship by the Stellar. The acknowledges of the Stellar company had made it far enough, but they have better plans and big ideas for the company, the problem is that they don’t see how they are going to manifest it. The team of the Stellar Company gives a heartfelt goodbye for their old logo.

stellar lumens new currecny

Preparing for the brand new Stellar Company’ visual identity is soon to be made together with great big plans for the Stellar company. An agency which is called the Kurppa Hosk was a business partner of the Stellar company to work with.

This makes sense that the team wanted for the logo to present the Stellar Lumens. And through the logo itself, it will have to opportunity to stand in for a coin.

Also when in the future, if a global monetary standard is met by the Stellar, the logo will be used to work inline so that you can type it through a sentence of like what you do in typing for a ¥, €, £,  and $.


The new currency brand of the Stellar Lumens was officially launched on May following the Stellar redesign. Moreover, while the company started to use the new visual identity for the new projects will be effectively immediate.

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