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Stellar Lumens Blockchain Goes Offline, Confirming the Project Lacks Decentralization

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stellar offline

Stellar Lumens Blockchain goes offline! Stellar Lumens is a type of platform where the money is being transferred. The founder of Mt. Gox and he is also the co-founder of the Ripple, Jed McCaleb who launched the platform of the Stellar Lumens in the year of 2014.

So the question is, why did the network of the Stellar Luemens go offline?

The nonprofit organization, Stellar Development Foundation (SDF), is committed for the development and the adoption of the Stellar. They believe that the Stellar network goes offline because it has collapsed for the reason of the many new nodes that took on too much on the consensus responsibility, which is too soon for the Stellar company.

Particularly the outage seems to be too forthwith connected that it was too soon to claim the Stellar Company’s network was centralized already. Last month, three researchers were coming from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) that publishes a paper that questions people if they think that Stellar is secured as you think it is. It concludes that through the researches of those 3 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) it shows that the Stellar was significantly a centralized network.

Moreover, there were 3 researchers from Korea who claims that the Stellar network was already a centralized network. Additionally, later that month, David Mazièrs also confirmed that the Stellar was configured and on its way for the process of improvement.

stellar lumens goes offline

On May 15 at around 1:14 pm, the Stellar network goes offline for about 67 minutes. On other areas, they claim that the Stellar went offline for approximately 2 hours. The SDF explained that the incident was caused by too many kinds of new nodes were added as a result of decentralization.

A lot claims that Stellar was overcentralized which aren’t true because of the new node of the SDF dragged the Stellar network down. When the Stellar added a lot of new nodes, some of the new nodes took on many consensus responsibilities which are not yet ready, particularly the Keybase of the node startup a blockchain where the SDF invested in. It was taken offline for the repair of the network. Also that time, other new nodes claim to be down or shaky and why there is a halt.

It is preferable to stop the network since it accommodates many financial institutions that chose since they prefer a downtime over the inconsistent data. The network didn’t fail, but it worked as intended.

stellars blockchain offline

It is preferred consistency and a partition over liveliness. Different from the other blockchains, it must go on even for the price of the soft forks. No funds were lost through the incident, and it is now healthy.

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