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The Basics of How To Mine Litecoin and XLM

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How to Mine Litecoin and XLM

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that offers both private and transparent transaction types.

Stellar Lumens payments are published on a public blockchain, but the sender, recipient, and amount of a transaction remain private.

Litecoin (LTC) is the younger brother of the famous Bitcoin with some distinctive features. It was forked from Bitcoin Core with lower block generation time. Litecoin mining (LTC) is decentralized money, free from censorship and open to all. Send low cost private, secure, borderless payments to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

You must be interested in litecoin mining or XLM mining.

First off, you need to go to the cryptocurrency coin mining calculator and fill in the details. Things like how much the hardware will cost, and the amount of power consumption and the cost of it. And what will the hashrate be? Once you’ve filled in the required info, the calculator will then calculate how much of profit will you be making.

xlm and ltc generator

This isn’t always 100% accurate, but it is something very close to the actual prices and profits that you may earn. Very handy.

Unless you possess specific hardware for litecoin mining, there are two ways to mine this cryptocurrency: with your central processing unit (CPU) or with your graphics processing unit (GPU) – the latter being better, of course, your graphics card.

Of the two, a GPU offers far better performance for the cryptographic calculations required.

If you already have all the required hardware for litecoin mining or XLM mining, you will be needing software to mine.

Cpuminer is a multi-threaded, highly optimized CPU miner for Litecoin, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Currently, supported algorithms are SHA-256d and script(N, 1, 1).

It supports the getblocktemplate mining protocol as well as the Stratum mining protocol and can be used for both solo and pooled mining.

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